Midlife: Crisis or Calling?

career healthy living mental health perimenopause relationships Mar 14, 2023

Is it a crisis or a calling? 

You’ve heard the jokes, seen it played out on TV and in movies . . . the dreaded Midlife Crisis!  

This is when we hit a certain age (somewhere between 40ish and 60ish) and decide to get in shape, buy a new car, try a new look, or get ourselves a younger honey . . . but is it really like that?? 

I’ll admit, looking back when I chose to leave the profession I went to school for, that I’m still paying student loans on, one that came with benefits and retirement to live out my dream of being a self-employed fitness trainer and health coach . . . It probably was a mild midlife crisis.  

One day I woke up and decided the life I was living was no longer serving me.  I wasn’t passionate about it and I needed a change.  

So call it a crisis if you must . . . I call it an awakening.  Taking that leap of faith allowed me to step into a role I knew I was destined to hold. 

Listen sis, you can use this time known as midlife to evolve into the amazing women you are supposed to be or you stay where you are, but I can tell you from personal experience . . . you can’t do both.

Here’s a fun fact for you:  Other than what the husbands on The Real Housewives will have you believe, only about ⅕ of individuals actually go through that “buy a new sports car” standard midlife crisis. 

The rest . . .well they simply realize that life is too short not to live as their most authentic selves! 

There’s something about being in our middle ages (45-60) that comes with amazing opportunities and life interrupting challenges. 

Some of those challenges include: launching adult children, dealing with aging/ailing parents, changes in your career, health, relationships, socioeconomic status. 

These challenges require us to divide our time and energy making us feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and stressed. 

However, while we are faced with many challenges, this new season provides us the time to really pour back into ourselves, giving us the opportunity for self-discovery, self-care, and making positive changes to live a second of life that aligns with our why, our values, and create goals to make this season our best season. 

Midlife is the perfect opportunity for personal growth, flipping the switch on the stereotypical midlife crisis into midlife possibilities. 

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