Budget-Friendly Women's Health Coaching 

Boost your midlife journey through personal development, small group coaching and support; empowering YOU to show up as your BEST self in this second half of life! 


The Coaching Corner 

Midlife is the perfect opportunity for women to invest in personal growth.  

Taking the time to focus on YOU, your needs, dreams, aspirations, and goals empowers you to live your best second half of life while improving your relationships, mindset, and overall health. 

Monthly coaching helps you create a personalized growth plan.  

Providing you the tools you need to create a plan of action getting you from where you are now to where you really want to be. 

 All monthly themes are centered around the four pillars of women’s health after 50 —> nutrition, movement, mindset, and knowledge. 

Addressing fears, obstacles, and sabotaging behaviors that stand in your way of finding long term success. 

The end goal?? To love this journey from who you are now to who you are becoming in your second half of life!  

If you're serious about personal growth, The Coaching Corner is designed to guide you to reach your goals. 


Monthly Coaching 

Midlife is a lonely journey for most women.  We don’t quite understand the changes happening with our bodies, we have new freedoms but aren’t sure how to fill the time, we recognize as we’re getting older that time is short but we yet lived as our truest selves.  Monthly coaching content is designed to help feel connected and support during a time that often feels scary, lonely, and overwhelming.  



The membership community is designed specifically to give women a sense of belonging. To provide friendship, support, and share experiences only women at this stage in life can truly understand and appreciate.  Inside The Coaching Community membership page, you will be joining other women with similar interests and goals. You can message and chat with members, with myself, comment and start conversations, etc. This is a highly interactive, engaged, warm, and connected community

Action Steps 

Each monthly them will not only give coaching strategies and tips but also easy to implement action steps helping you put what you've learned into practice, helping you create your best second half. This group is for women who want to continue to grow and evolve into the women they were meant to be. 



>>> Monthly Member $29.97 ~ Cancel anytime <<< 

This monthly coaching membership will  . . . 

  • Give you the confidence to live as your most authentic self.  Providing you with monthly holistic coaching, covering topics related to nutrition patterns, building strong relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, and lifestyle; guiding you toward an overall healthier life.
  • Give you with the tools you need to coach yourself through obstacles, distractions, and barriers, giving you the ability to jump right back on track without missing a beat
  •  Provide tips and strategies to help you stay consistent with your personal growth.  
  •  Invite you into an inspiring community, giving you a safe space to connect with like-minded, goal-oriented women just like you.
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An online membership with Personal Trainer and

Women's Health Coach, Karen Cerezo

Meet Your Coach . . . 

Welcome Friend, 
Let’s cut through the BS and get real with one another, because honestly life is too short to be sitting here wasting any more precious time. 
Time is a gift and we have no idea how much we each get > which means midlife should be that fire you need to help you realize this is your one shot . . . don’t waste it!   
You will never find the perfect time to start making positive changes, so please stop trying. 
You will never be able to please everyone, so let’s focus on pleasing YOU for a change. 
If it was simply about following a process, you'd already be there.
I see you.  Hell I am YOU!! 
You see midlife as an opportunity to emerge into this amazing woman you were made to be. 
You are ready to live as your most authentic self. 
You’ve poured your heart and soul into everyone else and now it’s your turn! 
To get from Point A to Point B you’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to turn your vision into action. Your dreams into a reality. 
What most people are missing when it comes to creating a plan, is addressing habits, distractions, obstacles, and fears that stand in the way. 
That my friend requires acknowledging where you struggle and incorporating personal growth to help you find lasting success. 
Each month in The Coaching Corner, I will provide you the tools and strategies you need to help you address those barriers standing in your way, sabotaging your success, killing your confidence, and limiting your happiness. 
The success you're looking for requires personal growth and a solid plan that puts action words in the sentences. 

What to expect with your membership . . . 

Each monthly theme is centered around a holistic topic relating to midlife women.  Each month you will receive: 

  • The Monthly Lesson with coaching resources 
  • Guided Practice to help you implement the lesson
  • Weekly motivational emails filled with useful coaching tips, strategies, and personal challenges 
  • Bi-monthly small group live coaching and Q&A
  • Success Plan of Action with printable trackers and journaling sheets
  • Private Community of like minded women

Each piece of content is designed to help you to take consistent action on your success plan month after month.