Turning Affirmations into Action

goal setting healthy living perimenopause relationships Nov 18, 2021
So you’ve taken the time to write down a few affirmations. You’ve posted them in your kitchen, at your desk, on your mirror, and even in your car.
That’s it, right? Once you’ve written them down you’re done now, correct?
Not so fast sis!
Affirmations are fantastic. I encourage my clients to use affirmations when it comes to manifesting health goals, career goals, relationship goals . . . but unless you follow through . . . unless you put action behind those Post-it notes, those affirmations are just words.
It is true that affirmations are inspiring and confidence-boosting in the moment, however, just like a packet of Oreos in the Cerezo house, that fired up feeling doesn’t last long!
Affirmations are definitely a fantastic strategy used to promote self-confidence and ditch those limiting beliefs many of us still carry around from childhood.
Affirmations like:
You Got This!
I am deserving of ___________________
I am worthy of _____________________
I can do hard things.
I believe in my ability to __________________.
Affirmations are statements that can help you shift your focus away from perceived feelings or fears and focus your attention toward your strengths — those you already possess and those you want to develop.
And YES affirmations work . . . kind of.
I use positive affirmations with my clients as a tool to help them shift their mindset as they work toward achieving their goals. Regular repetition of affirming statements about yourself can encourage your brain to receive those positive affirmations as fact.
But affirmations are NOT a magic bullet for instant success or healing.
When you truly believe you can do something, your actions often follow.
But that’s the thing >>> ACTION has to follow!
Repeating an affirmation can help boost your motivation and confidence, but you still have to take some action yourself. It’s not the affirmation that makes the change, it’s YOU. The affirmation is just a starting point.
Here are a few tips to help you get started and to help you follow through - putting action verbs in those statements!
> Avoid stock or generic affirmations. I mean you can find affirmations pretty much everywhere: T-shirts, inspirational images on social media, internet articles, and self-help blogs. Yes, it’s okay to use an affirmation you read somewhere that really resonated with you, but creating an affirmation specifically tailored to your goals will work best.
> Affirmations can be about anything, so get creative and work to make yours as personalized and as specific as possible.
> Connect your affirmation to your core values.
> Keep your affirmations realistic just like you would when you're goal setting. Keep them unique just like you and your lifestyle.
> Stick with 1-3 affirmations so you don’t feel overwhelmed and make it a habit to say them at least once a day, every day! Say them aloud with conviction. Listen to yourself saying it, focusing on the words as you say them aloud. Make it part of your routine.
Most of the time affirmations are not enough on their own, you’ve got to follow up with action to support and make a reality.
Now it’s time to put in the work!
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
> Design a written plan that specifically outlines the actions you will take to help make your aspirations a reality. Make sure to record these actions into your schedule on a weekly basis to keep yourself committed and accountable.
Make sure your plan is broken down into very doable actions and that it addresses obstacles or conflicts you may face.
By purposely creating a plan in which each action can be successfully accomplished, you will get frequent positive reinforcement. This will help you stick to your plan and stay motivated.
Be realistically when it comes to the amount of time, effort, and additional resources you need.
> Enlist friends, co-workers, coaches, trainers, and/or therapists to help keep you accountable.
Tell important people in your life about how you are going to make your affirmations come true.
A solid support system is a great way to help you stay the course. Individuals that can be a resource you tap into for emotional support and strength when you feel unmotivated, frustrated, or overwhelmed.
> Finally, check-in with yourself to track how you are doing/feeling.
Do it with compassion and be judgement-free. Remember, NO ONE is perfect.
Tracking your progress, your emotions, your strengths, and your obstacles will give you the info you need to decide if you need to tweak or modify your plan of action.
And finally don’t forget to celebrate the progress you’ve made, the work you’ve put into yourself, and be proud of your consistency.
Say it with me . . . You. Are. Worth. It!

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