This is 49

career mental health perimenopause relationships Jun 19, 2021

Check out these pictures. The first one is of me at 28, young and in love, a mom to a beautiful little girl. The second is me at 38, let me just tell you I was not feeling so young at 38!! A full time middle school teacher, wife, and busy mom of three had me feeling tired all the time! I'll admit my thirties were a little rough (which you can kind of tell by the photo!)

And finally the last picture - that is me at 48. BUT today . . . I am officially 49!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

I don't mind being 49.  I mean I don't mind getting older.  Getting older means I've survived all my hard days, enjoyed all my good days, and have another opportunity to make it my best life possible!! 

I'd have to say looking back on the last 9 years - my forties have been full of so many ups and downs. 

Now if you know me then you know I'm an open book and I have definitely talked about my struggles when I hit 45. How the changes in my hormones and the start of perimenopause really threw me for a loop.

But now, knowing that being educated can make this transition so much easier, and I'm back to feeling back  to "normal," I can honestly say I'm living my best life!!

I feel great.  I feel strong and healthy.  I feel like I'm in a good place in my career, my relationships, and my mindset. 

And that is why I pour so much into helping other women using the 4 pillars of health every woman over 45 should be focusing on . . . nutrition, movement, mindset and knowledge. Because honestly, this new season can be amazing if you have the help you deserve. Not feeling like you have to navigate through it alone!

I am so grateful for this community, for YOU and for allowing me to be a part of YOUR beautiful caterpillar to butterfly moment!!

This girlfriend is 49 . . .

It means to me that I am comfortable in my own skin although there are days when I wish my thighs weren’t so thick, my tummy was flatter, and my arms didn’t jiggle.

But those thick thighs and legs that proudly display cellulite like it’s high fashion have logged a lot of miles of fun, determination, and hard work.

Those arms that jiggle have afforded me the strength to do a lot of great things including holding my babies tight.

That round, squishy tummy has grown three amazing humans in it and for that I am willing to sacrifice . . .  stretchmarks, scares, imperfections, and all! 

49 is skin that sags, joints that creek, and a mind that forgets.

49 is adventures had, a life full of joy, sadness, disappointment, and wonder

49 is feeling confident to chase dreams, saying no when something or someone no longer serves me, and ditching the guilt for making myself a priority

49 knows how to properly be loved

49 gives me the confidence to be honest about my own insecurities

49 means knowing the value of real friendships

49 is being tired, but filled with energy and passion to live life to its fullest

49 is broken and mended

49 is resilient

49 is smart and dreamy, courageous and scared, driven and reluctant

49 is not young nor is it old

49  is sometimes invisible but always present

49 is awkward and beautiful 

49 has questions but also has answers

49 is learning, growing, evolving, and changing

49 is grateful

49 is real, authentic, and honest

This, my friend is 49!

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