Creating Your Best Home Gym

fitness goal setting healthy living midlife athlete Aug 27, 2022

When it comes to creating and then maintaining an exercise routine, just getting to the gym can be half the battle. 

It’s super easy to come up with those all-to-common excuses like being tired, bad weather, short on time, or forgetting your workout gear. 

Not to mention the overcrowded weight rooms or group classes or those individuals taking over your favorite machine while they conduct a whole photo shoot or tik tok video. 

Plus if you're not too familiar with the machines, exercises, or proper form . . .  the gym can be super intimidating. 

That’s totally how I felt when I used to step into the gym for my bi-weekly body pump class. 

Not only was it all a little intimidating, it was always sooo crowded!!! 

PLUS, my kiddos are young which meant I needed to pack them up, get them settled in the day care area (which they hated!), plus drive time . . . by the time I had completed my 45 min workout, 2 hours of my day were gone. Honestly, sometimes it was easier to skip it than to try to deal with the BS of it all. 

So when I started running, the convenience of putting my running shoes on, throwing my youngest in the jogging stroller, and heading right out the door without all the added chaos felt amazing!! 

Finally, I was able to ditch the excuses and create some fitness consistency. 

If I could just simplify my workout routine like my running routine, life would be awesome!!  

That’s when I started my in-home fitness journey. 

I got my hands on videos, DVDs, even VHS tapes - anything that allowed me to knock out a quick workout at home without having to drag my kids around or take up a big chunk of time. 

Now I still love a great sweat session with friends.  I mean nothing pushes me to work harder than being surrounded by a great support team. 

For some, working out at home is just not their jam.  Whether it’s the lack of space, motivation, or accountability that’s totally okay!!  I get it. 

However, home gyms are definitely all the rave since Covid hit in 2020.  More people are working out from home than ever before. 

>> Three Benefits of Having a Home Gym << 

  1. It can help you save time - no traffic, no drive time, no looking for parking, no waiting on equipment, no working around a class schedule . . .   
  2. It can help you save money - Though you might pay more up front on getting a few pieces of workout equipment, the long-term savings will quickly add up.  Saving on gas and gym membership fees alone could be a huge boost in your monthly budget!!   Plus, people are always selling off old/never used fitness equipment.  Check your local neighbor page or FB marketplace for inexpensive gear. 
  3. It could help you get better results - By creating a personal workout space in your home, you’ll have one less excuse to skip your workout, creating consistency, in turn getting the results you desire! 

And with all the free videos online and streaming services you can find plenty of workouts to fit what you're looking for (ie: cardio, strength, yoga) keeping you going for the long haul.  

And added bonus - your home can be just as effective as any weight room.  I promise you don't need pricey equipment, bulky machines, or every size of dumbbells to make it work.

So, if you are looking to build a small space in your home to save you a little time, money, and help you stay consistent - here are a few tips on how to build your best home gym. 

>>> Three Tips to Setting Up Your Home Gym <<<

Have a dedicated space. Most workouts really don’t require a huge area for movement.  Just work with what you have and make it your own!   Things to think about when dedicating a space in your home to working out  . . . 

  • How much traffic does the room get? 
  • Does the space conflict with other uses at the same time (ie TV time, homework, eating)  
  • Schedule your workouts when the area is not being used, so you don’t have any reason to skip out on it. 

Do you have enough space to move freely?  Ideally your space would be 12′ by 12′ so you can move, jump, and lunge without running into the furniture.

Create a motivating environment.  You want a space you are excited to spend time in, not something you dread.  Make sure to clear your space of clutter, distractions, and add some fun items to fire you up.  Motivational posters or quotes, a device you can play music on, a comfortable mat.  I always suggest my clients have a mirror in their workout space to monitor form.  This is your space, make it special! 

Take care of your space.  Use bookshelves, racks, baskets to keep your workout equipment organized and out of the way. When your space is inviting, you’re more likely to want to be in it.   

Okay, so now you have your space it’s time to stock it with the basics!! 

Unless you really want one, you don’t need your own elliptical machine, treadmill, spin bike, or squat rack. 

There are plenty of workouts you can do without any equipment at all, which makes it even easier.  

But if you are in the market to build up that space here are a few of my recommendations: 

  • Start with a good yoga mat
  • Dumbbells - You can purchase individual weights — you’ll want at least one light, one medium, and one heavy set — or you can purchase sectorized dumbbells that let you adjust the weight.  Ask friends if they have any they aren’t using, hit up garage sales, and look on Craigslist, Neighborhood page, and Facebook for deals. 
  • Resistance bands are great because they are easy to store and great for travel, plus it provides a whole other level to toning and muscle building. 
  • Dumbbells are better for building muscle, but resistance bands can be a highly effective addition to your home workout equipment arsenal.
  • Foam roller to help ease tension, improve mobility, and reduce muscle pain 

Don’t overthink it.  Start simple and as your fitness changes, and your goals change, and your desire to switch things up changes . . .  then you can begin to add on to your home gym little by little. 

If you are looking to get started with a fitness program that you can do at home, check out The 6 Week REBOOT.  One of my favorite programs to help you kick start your fitness journey.  

This comprehensive program comes complete with a solid workout plan, tracking sheets, accountability, meal plans, and coaching.  Click HERE for details.

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