Consistent Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Jun 13, 2022

What does it really take to lose fat, get healthy, fire up your metabolism in midlife?

I get asked all the time . . . “Why is it so hard to lose this weight?”

I hear you and I’ve been right there with you!

Doing all the things and still struggling.

Unfortunately, oftentimes when we start to implement healthy habits, begin a new fitness routine, or start a new program, we start with the expectation that we need to be perfect.

But how could you be?

No one is perfect, no matter how incredibly awesome you are.

Let’s be honest here >>> you have a life that can be stressful at times, you have fluctuating hormones, old habits you're dealing with, work and/or school, kiddos, aging parents, fur babies . . .. all those things are demanding your attention.

I mean honestly, if perfection is the requirement for success why even bother, right?

Here’s the good news >>> it’s not!

There is no pass/fail when it comes to getting healthy.

It’s about showing up for yourself consistency and giving it your best effort.

Somedays you are going to KILL IT!

Nutrition > on point

Fitness > crushed it

Mindset > hello positivity

And other days . . . not so much.

Consistency is great but also accepting setbacks and off days can help inspire you to embrace your “imperfect” self, and make the small changes that can add up to BIG results.

Just putting in effort—no matter how small—changes things.

When my clients focus on implementing small healthy habits, not following rigid meal plans or extreme diets that eliminate entire food groups, or kill themselves trying to do crazy workouts day after day, they found success.

Not only did they lose a little weight, but they improved their overall health just by putting in a little effort every day!

better cardiovascular health
decreased cancer and diabetes risk
better sleep (with less apnea)
better mood
less inflammation
better immunity;
and maybe best of all… a healthier sex drive.

Not perfection. But simply effort!

I know you have particular life demands that can create easy excuses as to why you struggle to stay consistent.

That’s why it’s important that we address things like work schedules or travel, kiddos, obligations and stress, and create a plan that works for your lifestyle.

Because here’s the hard truth >>> no matter what a dumpster fire you may have going on … if you are able to figure out how to take small, meaningful actions day to day, you can be consistent.

Knowing how to scale back a little—rather than completely shutting down—whenever things didn’t go as scheduled.

Knowing where to adjust when life gets messy.

Consistency creates confidence. Just making some effort can make you feel better about how your body looks, feels and moves.

There are plenty of ways to gage progress that go beyond the scale:

I’m the person I want to be.
I lead a meaningful and purposeful life.
I feel good about how my body looks.
I feel healthy and physically thriving.
I feel confident in my ability to take charge of my life.
What I’ve learned from working with so many women going through all the midlife changes is that the more consistent they were, the better they felt about life in general.

They gain positive energy, confidence, and resilience from putting in the work.

Even a small boost in confidence might mean:

  • walking into a gym for the first time.
  • trying a new exercise.
  • signing up for a physical challenge, like a race.
  • an active vacation, like a hiking trip.
  • asking for what you need and want, or say no to what you don’t want.
  • taking better care of yourself.

This happens because people feel good about the changes they see in their bodies, such as: less pain, increased endurance or strength, less modifications, more mobility.

And each action you take only creates more action.

No perfection required.

You can become that healthy, thriving, confident woman just by simply showing up for yourself every day!!

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