Clean Eating on the Road

gut health healthy living nutrition May 30, 2021

Ah the joys of summer:  sun, free-time, and the open road.   This weekend I will be loading up the entire family and heading out on a long road trip the beach.  This got me thinking - how am I going to stick to my clean eating plan while stuck in the car for several hours?  

Clean eating 101 tells us to ALWAYS plan ahead, and pack healthy snacks, but what if you were in a bind? What type of snacks can you get on the road that won't ruin all the hard work?  

Here are some places to get relatively healthy meals and snacks while on the road:

  • Gas stations: I know . . . but you really can find relatively clean food there. Check by the register, they usually have fresh fruit or nuts stashed up close. Beef jerky, dried fruit, and trail mix are also all acceptable snacks. If you're going to go for the protein bar - make sure you are check out its actual healthy value. Some of those bars are packed with sugar.
  • Fast food: IF YOU MUST make that stop - you can find some health-ish options. Opt for grilled, not fried. Eliminate as many condiments as humanly possible (or that you can possibly stomach). Avoid french fries and onion rings! If feel like your need a "side dish" go for a salad or fresh fruit. Lastly, be conscience of your choice of beverage. Say NO to sodas, sweetened tea, lemonade, and fruit drinks - they are full of calories with absolutely no nutrients. Bring water in a reusable bottle, or just ask for a to-go ice water at the window.
  • Grocery stores: It may seem less convenient, but if you're looking for a truly healthy meal check out their front displays. Most of the time they are filled with fresh produce and fruits, ready-made sandwiches and salads. Another key to making better choices - look for the items that have nutrition information attached. 

Eating on the go doesn't have to mean your only options are unhealthy options. Choose wisely and you'll feel better all summer long!


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