Thriving in Midlife

How to Navigate Perimenopause and Beyond 

Seven Weeks to a Healthier, Happier, more Balanced YOU!

If you're suffering from belly fat, brain fog, anxiety, decreased libido, painful or irregular periods, mood swings, trouble sleeping, and low energy, bloating ~> then this program is for you, sister!


These are all very common symptoms that come with midlife and a shift in hormones.
But I'm here to tell you that you don't have to suffer!!


There are some simple lifestyle choices that can significantly affect your journey through perimenopause and beyond.  


My 7 week master coaching course Thriving in Midlife is going to help guide you as you learn to navigate this new season so that YOU are in control, not your hormones. 

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For  . . . 

Every woman is going to experience menopause at some point in her life. You can’t out-fitness it, out-diet it, or out-hope it. It is a natural part of life’s progression.  This journey from Perimenopause to Menopause to Postmenopause is literally one-third of your entire life! 

Fun Fact: Perimenopause alone can last between three to ten years. 

This course is going to give you EXACTLY what you need to navigate the unknown. 

I’ve designed this course to be a roadmap, giving you the tools to feel like you again. Together, we can make this season your best season! 

Whether you are  . . . 

  • curious about your changing body and want to learn a variety of strategies to minimize the discomforts that comes with midlife
  • Currently dealing with age related issues - like weight gain, hormone fluctuations, fatigue, increased blood pressure or cholesterol, decreased memory, decreased attention span, irritability; 
  • ready to make small, meaningful lifestyle changes for more balanced hormones, better sleep, more energy, and a more balanced mood
  • ready to commit to having a vibrant “second act” of life by making your physical and mental health and overall wellness a top priority

Listen sis, whether you are knee deep in this new season or just starting to feel the changes coming, you are in the right place, my friend!!

This course is designed specifically for women wanting to embrace a healthier life through those middle age years. 

This course is a resource to help you manage the things you can control so that you can cope with the highs and lows that this new season brings.   My goal is to put you on the path to making this season in your life your absolute best season! 

By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • Have a complete understanding of the eight key players in your hormone health and how menopause affects each one of them
  • Have a full understanding of the top 20 symptoms to look for and how to natural and holistically minimize the discomforts of these symptoms through a positive mindset, intentional movement, and proper nutrition;  
  • Know what questions to ask your doctor, what treatments options are available, and how to choose the one that best fits YOUR lifestyle; 
  • Have proven strategies to help decrease your stress levels and increase your sleep quality;  
  • Learn simple nutrition strategies and proper fitness guidelines to help reduce belly fat, bloating, and constipation.   
  • Learn how to balance your hormones to increase gut health, mood, brain function, and decrease fatigue 
  • Feel heard and seen, and most importantly supported.  Understanding that YOU are not alone in this journey
At 51, I went into Karen's 7 week course wanting to better understand menopause knowing that I had very little knowledge on the subject.  What I came away with was feeling better equipped to handle these years ahead of me and with a confidence, understanding that menopause is a natural part of my life as a woman that I no longer need to fear. 
~ Bridgette H.

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6 LIVE Q&A Sessions where you can get your most pressing questions answered instantly 

2 sixty minute Private coaching calls to create an individual plan designed specially for YOU

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PLUS don't miss these newly added BONUSES!! 

Bonus Module: Movement Bonus Bundle

Bonus Module: Healthy Living Bonus Bundle  

Bonus Module: Sex and Menopause 

Bonus Module: Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Health, and Menopause 



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3 Monthly Payments of $498

What past participants have to say about the program: 

I’ve always been an athlete at some level and then I hit a wall in my late 40’s. The stubborn weight gain, slow recovery from workouts, hot flashes and more seemed to hit all of a sudden.  I’m so thankful for Karen’s program! It was an eye opening look at a season of life that rarely gets a spotlight. She covered all of my questions and a few more I didn’t think were related to peri-menopause. I can only imagine how long it would have taken to piece together the puzzle on my own. The ability to remove the mystery from this phase in my life was empowering and comforting. Thank you!
     - Kathy B
I have not stopped sharing with the women in my life since completing Karen’s course. I initially thought what I was experiencing were just growing pains.  I had no idea all the symptoms I was dealing with were related to Perimenopause.  Not only have I been able to find relief in my own life, I’ve been able to share my knowledge with my female friends and coworkers.  I definitely feel armed with plenty of strategies to make the change a little less life altering and have become an advocate for women’s health!! It’s so important that you get informed.   
- Robin F


Going into the program I had no idea that what I was experiencing were the beginning signs of Perimenopause.  With a few lifestyle tweaks I learned from Karen’s 7 week Course I was able to get back to feeling like my former self.  I had more energy, my workouts felt better, I was sleeping better, and I now have the knowledge I need to deal with this new transition as I continue to progress through the stages of menopause.  Her course definitely gave me the tools to feel successful and in control. 
- Jessica H. 

Yes, it is possible to have a say-so on the direction this journey in midlife takes!

These hormonal changes affect just about every system in your body. But there are ways to minimize the never-ending list of symptoms.

What’s Inside Thriving in Midlife


The Thriving in Midlife: How to Navigate Perimenopause and Beyond course is NOT about gimmicks, fad diets, cleanses, drinks mixes, wraps, or extreme lifestyle changes.

What it IS about is helping you learn how to work with your changing hormones, giving you the right tools in your toolbelt, so that you are equipped  to take on this new season of your life! It's time we stop putting shame behind the "M word" and empowering ourselves with knowledge and strategies to navigate the unknown!

This is not a short-term, quick fix solution. What I'm going to provide are proven long-term strategies that you can incorporate NOW and continue to use throughout the rest of your life, beyond Perimenopause and long into the second half of your life.  

I've done the research so you don't have to!

My goal is that you walk away armed with knowledge, proven strategies you can implement today, unlimited support, and real results, giving you back a higher quality of life through MINDSET, MOVEMENT, and NUTRITION

Menopause can sneak up on you at any time! If you’re experiencing symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, or mood swings that send your family running in the other direction, or symptoms like bloating and weight gain, brain fog, hot flashes and night sweats, it’s likely that you have a hormone imbalance and probably standing at the frontline of your menopause journey. 

Let me start by saying YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, which means I am not here to “fix you.” What I am going to do is give you a variety of tools that will help you navigate this new season.  YOU then are going to decide which tips, tools, and strategies are going to work best with YOUR lifestyle and YOUR journey.  

Before we get into the nitty gritty of proven solutions we must first spend some time understanding exactly what this thing called Menopause is.  After conducting a ridiculous amount of research I’ve learned two things: (1) most of us have no idea what to expect, and (2) most of us believe that Menopause means you no longer have a period and life is good.  

I wish it was that simple, but sis you’re missing about three quarters of that chapter!  


Module 1 is all about setting the groundwork.  Covering the basics and getting a solid understanding of this new season.  

In Module 1 we will dive deep into understanding:

  • the three stages of Menopause 
  • how the change affects your overall health 
  • the Top 20 common symptoms & natural remedies to help minimize symptoms
  • The importance of prioritizing simple self-care to help you feel your best 


You can’t discuss Menopause with discussing hormones.  Most women believe it’s all about the estrogen, but there are actually EIGHT key players that affect this midlife transition.  Before we learn HOW to navigate our way to balanced hormone health we must first learn how hormones are important and how they work within our body.  

In Module 2 we will dive deep into:

  • Each of the eight key hormones, their role in the body, how menopause affects their levels, and finally symptoms to look for if you think your levels are off


All successful change begins with the proper mindset. We are going to take back our control by understanding why we feel overwhelmed, frazzled, experiencing brain fog and learn how to embrace the beauty this new found freedom offers us! It’s common during this time in a woman's life to feel powerless over their body, in module 3 we will focus on becoming empowered.    

In Module 3 we will dive deep into:

  • The power of a growth mindset 
  • Depression becomes a real issue during this time period so it’s important that we talk about The power of positive self-talk and Unconditional Self-Love
  • The importance of discipline as we are faced with new challenges so that we can continue to find success with old goals using new techniques.  


Wellness is a broad topic that can encompass just about anything, so I’m going to focus on topics that are very common for women in menopause.  Specific topics related to the top 5 symptoms: weight gain, insomnia or sleep disturbances, stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.   

In Module 4 we will dive deep into:

  • Understanding how your metabolism is changing and how you can make that work for you so you are seeing some weight loss results. 
  • How and why age affects your sleep, as well as some simple strategies to help you find some bedtime relief  
  • Sleep and brain health and why your lack of sleep is affecting your overall health including issues related to weight gain, brain fog, and mood swings.  
  • How to manage your stress levels to help improve sleep quality, cognitive function, cravings, and gut health.   
  • The importance of prioritizing your mental health to help reduce anxiety and depression.  


Moving your body is obviously an important component when it comes to vitality and living a healthy, high quality life.  Movement in our 20s and 30s probably looked a little different than it does in our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.   As a certified personal trainer I’m going to help you design a fitness program tailor made for YOU and your goals.    

In Module 5 we will dive deep into:

  • Why cardio exercise really does matter
  • The importance of strength training after 40
  • How to incorporate flexibility and balance training into your program
  • How to overcome obstacles and barriers when it comes to fitness motivation 
  • The importance of an effective program that works for you and your specific fitness goals
  • How to properly prepare and execute a fitness plan designed specifically for YOU 


Understanding what your microbiome is and it's connection to estrogen and hormone imbalances along with your immunity, and mental health are key when it comes to minimizing certain symptoms related to perimenopause and beyond. The root of some of those imbalances starts in your gut!!  Your mood, energy level, and your cravings have so much to do with hormone health.

In Module 6 we will dive deep into:

  • Understanding what your microbiome is and its connection to your estrogen and other hormone imbalances
  • How your blood sugar, cravings and inflammation are affected by your hormones and what you can do to improve your condition 
  • Strategies to help with Emotional Eating, PMS cravings, and finding balance
  • Natural solutions for the top common perimenopause symptoms
  • Hormone treatments options and what other questions you need to be asking your doctor 


There are so many messages about food and nutrition that are confusing, overwhelming, or just inaccurate when it comes to women over 40. In this module we will learn how you need to tweak your diet after 40 providing you tried-and-true information about your health that can help you reset your body and get your hormones back to where they need to be. 

In Module 7 we will dive deep into:

  • Simple changes you should make to your diet after 40
  • Top 30 Foods for Perimenopause/Menopause women
  • How Plant Based eating can help with weight loss, sleep, stress, gut health, and hormone imbalances 
  • The most practical plan for weight loss success after 40

All The Tools You Need To Not Just Survive Midlife But To THRIVE!

When you enroll during this limited time VIP special,

you’ll get:


(A $4,905 Value)

  • 7 Modules covering just about everything you need to know about this new season.  Modules will include videos as well as printable materials that teach you how to navigate the unknown as well as provide long-lasting, sustainable healthy lifestyle strategies making “the change” less life altering.  [VALUED at $1,750]
  • Downloadable Worksheets so that you can put what you are learning into practice! PLUS this gives you LIFETIME access to the material so you can revisit it anytime you need!   [VALUED at $875]

  • A private Facebook group - created exclusively for VIP course participants only.  This group will literally walk through Module by module, lesson by lesson providing you additional course enhancements.  This is also a place where you are going to connect with other women embarking on the same journey, providing you support and encouragement through the entire 7 weeks and beyond.  [VALUED at $840]  

  • Six Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions.  In our closed VIP Facebook group we will have a weekly live Q&A session with me getting answers to your most pressing questions instantly! This is where you can ask questions, share your journey, offer additional support, vent, celebrate, and finally feel heard!! [VALUED at $720]

  • Two 60 minute Private coaching Calls. Throughout the 7 weeks we will gather for two private coaching calls. Together we will work through topics related to YOUR specific journey, collaborate to find solutions, and discuss how to implement strategies so you are getting the best results possible.  [VALUED at $240]

  • Weekly Emails to ensure you are not missing a thing! Between the emails and the Facebook group I'm going to be with you each and every step of the way so that you are finding real success!! I promise to be the best accountability partner I can be!! [VALUED at $480]

    You will be given access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute what you are learning, ask questions, get clarification, make a plan and begin to make those small lifestyle changes toward feeling your absolute best during this time.   

    This is not a quick fix, a diet plan, or an alternative for doing your own research.  What this is a starting point to help you navigate the unknown. It's a course filled with strategies to improve your lifestyle for the long haul. And remember, you can do this course on your own time frame. If you have a busy week, you can pick it up again! You simply can't fall behind because there is no behind in this course!

    If you're feeling like you don't have enough time to embark on this journey - let me ask you this  "Can you continue to live like you're currently living for the next 10-15 years?  Where you are right now ~ frustrated, overwhelmed, scared, or miserable?"


I just added these BONUSES to help You get even more relief  

Bonus 1: Movement  Bundle (Valued at $350) 

As we get older we understand the importance of staying active, maintaining a healthy weight and strong bones simply to make everyday tasks easier.  Fitness after 40 is going to look and feel different than it did in the past.  Flexibility, Balance, and Strength training become top on the priority list when it comes to building a solid fitness program.  As a  Certified Personal Trainer I’m giving you the tools you need to help make you stronger.  No longer is fitness about how much we can lift but more about function, allowing us to take care of ourselves long into our old age.  Even if you have a solid fitness foundation coming into this course, this Bonus Module is going to be a great resource!! 

Paired with Module 5 Movement, this bonus includes: 

  • Recovery strategies to help keep you healthy and injury free 
  • Pilates and Menopause - a great resource to help with flexibility and balance - both are important component to help prevent injuries, joint pain, and life endangering fails 
  • 3 full body workouts you can complete anywhere 
Bonus 2 Healthy Living Bundle (Valued at $350) 

This bonus bundle is going to provide you all the key elements you need to help make some simple, family-friendly, healthy changes in the kitchen. Changes that are going to improve not only your overall health, but your loved ones as well.  Food is one of the best resources we have to fight chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer, as well as menopause symptoms related to inflammation, hot flashes, gut health, and weight gain. 

Paired with Module 6 Nutrition this bonus includes: 

  • Three healthy recipe downloadable eBooks 
  • A complete 7 day meal plan with shopping list
  • Meal planning 101 PDF 
  • A healthy Grocery Shopping Guide PDF 
  • Printable meal planning and shopping list templates 
Bonus #3 Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Health, and Menopause (Valued at $500) 

Reduced levels of estrogen starting around 35 can cause a  thinning of the lining of the urethra and a process called “pelvic relaxation” (a weakening of pelvic muscles). Both are common with age and both can lead to unnecessary life disturbances and unpleasant side effects.  As a result,  women in midlife become susceptible to an increased risk for urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine).  While many women understand this is common and “normal” that doesn’t mean you have to live with it!  This bonus module is going to be eye opening when it comes to how much control we really have and that while something may be considered normal doesn’t mean we just have to accept it!    

This bonus module dives deep into: 

  • Incontinence and proven ways to help repair your pelvic floor health 
  • Understanding Prolapse and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 
  • Tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor at any age 
  • Treatment options Incontinence
  • Tips on how to Keep Your Bladder Healthy  
Bonus #4 Sex and Menopause (Valued at $500) 

The loss of estrogen and testosterone during the change can lead to not only changes in a woman's body, but also her sex drive. This Bonus module dives deep into All Things Sex and Menopause to help you feel confident, sexy, and comfortable so that you can reconnect with your partner.  This standalone Bonus could literally be its own course.  

In this Bonus Module you will learn about tools and tips to making sex more enjoyable, including  

  • 6 Ways to Ease Painful Sex During and After Perimenopause
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction and other possible issues that can affect your sex life after 40 
  • How to Talk to your partner about sex
  • Positions that help decrease pain during sex 
  • Understanding Vaginal Atrophy
  • Finding Relief From Vaginal Dryness and Pain  

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Thriving In Midlife: How to Navigate Perimenopause and Beyond Master Course [$4,905 Value] PLUS

  • Bonus 1 Movement Bundle $350 Value
  • Bonus 2 Healthy Living Bundle $350 Value
  • Bonus 3 Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Health, and Menopause $500 Value
  • Bonus 4 Sex and Menopause $500 Value 

When you add it all up that's a value of $6,605!

But because I am so passionate about Women’s Health and the topic of menopause, and I KNOW this is exactly what YOU need in your life right now, I am giving you the opportunity to enroll in this course, Thriving In Midlife: How to Navigate Perimenopause and Beyond at the special price of just:


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Plus you'll be backed by a RISK-FREE 14-day money back guarantee

Let me say this up front  . . . Thriving In Midlife: How to Navigate Perimenopause and Beyond is a comprehensive course designed specifically for women looking to find answers, be heard and supported, and ultimately get back to feeling like themselves again through knowledge, mindset, movement, and nutrition. 

As the creator, I stand behind my course 100% and am confident that women will find my course to be an effective and insightful learning experience. 

That’s exactly why I offer a 14-day risk free, money back guarantee.   

Your 14 calendar day period starts the date of purchase.  

Refund requests are simply submitted to [email protected] for processing.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions former clients asked before enrolling in the Thriving In Midlife Course 

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A One-Time Payment of


I loved Karen’s 7 week Peri-menopause course! There is a plethora of excellent information, tips and tricks! I now know so many more things about my body and different signs of Perimenopause! I have been informed of questions I can visit with my gynecologist about; things I would never have thought about asking. I loved the section on sleep and how it impacts your brain! This program has really taught me so much and just reinforced the fact of how important it is to know my body and take care of it! ~Christy S. 

You should give Thriving in Midlife a 14 day risk free shot if YOU want your life back . . . like tomorrow!!  

I know it’s an investment of time, money, and energy . . . but here’s the deal sis, you are here, here in this new season for a really long time!  Perimenopause can last up to 13 years and post menopause another 5-7.  That’s 20 years of struggling! Struggling to find quality sleep, struggling to feel healthy and fit on the inside and out, struggling with mood swings, hot flashes, brain fog, low sex drive, anxiety, stress, and depression.  

Twenty years is a LONG time to be miserable!!  Twenty years is a long time for your family and friends to feel the effects of your misery!  

I get it, not everyone is going to have all the things for 20 years .. . . but honestly, isn’t just one year too long to feel this way?  

I was in a state of fear and uncomfortableness for about 10 months then I started to do my research.  I talked to my doctor, I spent hours, days, and weeks learning, reading, listening to podcasts, and after months of putting in the work was finally able to find relief!!  

My workouts are now better, my eating is better, my stress low and my energy is high, I'm more patient with my loved ones and friends, and my relationship with my husband has improved greatly!

It was worth the time I spent learning and making small changes to improve the overall quality of just about every part of my life.  

I’ve done the work.  I’ve conducted the research.  I've asked the hard questions so that YOU can reap the rewards.

Taking this comprehensive course is going to give you a starting place.  It’s going to give you answers.  It’s going to save your time, money, and energy in the long run.  

So should you invest in your future  . . .  YES!  You are worth it.  Your family is worth it.  Your relationships are worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Your quality of life is worth it!!

I seriously can not wait for you to join my Thriving In Midlife Course. 

My goal in creating this course was to help women find the answers to a test we’ve never been given the material to.  This season is one no one ever talks about.  This is why it’s so common for women to feel alone, lost, unheard and unseen during this time in their life.  That is not okay!!  Every season in a woman's life is meaningful, powerful, and beautiful from puberty to fertility to motherhood to menopause - each should be celebrated.  But that means we have to be educated!!  No longer do we need to feel shame behind the “M” word.  
I personally can not wait to guide YOU over the next 7 weeks . . . 
Finding the answers has literally changed my whole life and I know it can do the same for you.  But you have to trust in the process.   Listen you can't simply skip this season - it's kind of required that our bodies move on to this next season in life, but we do not have to be uncomfortable, miserable, scared, or alone when doing it!   
Just know that this transition can be enlightening and amazing, but you have to know how to navigate through the hard parts.  And I’m here to be your expert guide! Join me for 7 weeks and learn to make this season your absolute best season! 
All my best,

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