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Hormone Health Recipe & Resource Bundle

This meal plan focuses on Omega 3 fatty acids, a variety of polyphenols, and a variety of anti-oxidants. It is rich in protein and healthy fats, and includes complex carbohydrates. Gluten is at a very minimum (though can very easily be swapped out for a gluten free option). Only clean organic dairy is used, also at a minimum. The plan also includes things like pomegranate, broccoli sprouts, flaxseed, and pumpkin seeds, all of which can help balance hormones through detoxification pathways and by improving estrogen metabolism. This plan is great for women struggling with PCOS, thyroid issues, and to improve insulin sensitivity.

The Bundle includes:

  • Four Week Suggested Meal Plan

  • 35 page Hormone Healthy Recipes w/ full calorie and macro breakdowns

  • Nutrient Guide: explains the importance of each nutrient and how to get enough with diet or supplementation.

  • Liver Health: Your liver plays a major role in your detoxification abilities, metabolism, and overall health. This guide will help you understand how to best support your liver.

  • Mindfulness Challenge: Helps keep living healthy fun and interesting.

  • Anti-Oxidant Guide: Kick free radicals to the curb with these antioxidant-rich foods, spices, and supplements.