$29.00 USD

Heal Your Gut - Elimination Diet Bundle

Gut health and healing are very popular topics right now and for good reason. Your gut is the center of it all.  A healthy gut allows you to live a high quality, healthy life.  

This bundle is designed to address gut health and to reduce the symptoms of autoimmune issues.  If you are struggling with common midlife symptoms like joint pain, lack of concentration, digestive issues, stress, and fatigue this bundle to help you get back to feeling your best. 

Bundle includes:

  • 4 Week Meal Plan
  • 35 page Recipe Pack
  • Elimination Diet How to Guide
  • Your Go-To Nutrient Guide
  • Gut Healing Supplements Guide
  • Healthy Travel Food Guide
  • Yes/No Food List
  • Approved Snack Guide
  • Symptom Chart