Four Ways to Ditch Those Limiting Beliefs

career goal setting healthy living mental health midlife athlete Dec 01, 2022

It’s a BRAND NEW YEAR. Clean slate. 2022 is DONE.

Let’s make 2023 a year to remember for a GOOD reason...

What’s one big goal you’d like to go after this year if that little nagging voice in your head didn't remind you to “be realistic”?

That little voice that whispers to you all the things you can’t do. That voice that shouts to you that you aren’t good enough or smart enough or strong enough . . . That’s the voice of your LIMITING BELIEFS.

That voice, whether speaking in a whisper or shouting from the rooftop, is what’s really standing between you and your goals and dreams.

How many times have you seen something that you’ve wanted in your own life, and thought, “Yeah, but …” <insert reason why you don’t “deserve” it or why the cards are stacked against you>.

Too many times we don’t realize we have those limiting beliefs because we’ve carried them for so long – often since childhood! We automatically think that certain things are for “other people.”

Your REAL CHALLENGE is to shut down those beliefs and let them go, so you can start allowing yourself to reach your potential!

But before we can ditch them, we must first be open to recognizing them when they pop up – and then turn them around by thinking of a reason why you CAN and SHOULD!

 Are limiting beliefs holding you back from pushing your limits with your training goals? Career goals? Relationships? Finances? Travel goals?

 Take this time to think about limits you've set on yourself and how you can push through those!!


  •  Think about the words you use when you talk about yourself.
  • Our perception of reality is greatly influenced by our words.
  • Words bring our thoughts and beliefs to life and cement them into our “realities” by way of repetition.
  •  What comes out of your mouth comes into your life.
  •  Start paying attention and notice if you're repeatedly talking about how much you fear, hate, mistrust, or doubt __________________ [fill in the blank]


  •  Your thoughts inspire emotions that inspire actions that form your reality!
  •  It all starts with your thoughts, they are the stimulant that brings on the shift that changes what you believe and how you act.
  • Awareness is the first step in breaking the spell of the negative Nelly living in your head!!

 Here are 4 steps to help you ditch those self-limiting beliefs.

 1: Become aware of your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Identify what your limiting beliefs are.

Here are few examples I hear a lot from my clients:

I am not good enough.

I won't ever find love and be in a happy, committed relationship.

I don’t believe I can start my own business and make it succeed.

I could never _________

 It can be extremely hard to be honest with yourself, and you may feel that it would be very difficult to try to challenge these beliefs. But if you’re reading this now, it means that you realize some of your beliefs are holding you back in life and you want to work through them.

 Congratulations! You’ve already done the hardest part >>> you’ve acknowledged them!!

 2: Question and investigate them. Identify the root causes of those beliefs. How were they initially formed? Who or what planted that thought within you?

 3: Rewrite the belief. Challenge it. Prove that it’s incorrect. Add facts and examples to support your new belief. Prove it by sharing how you've found success in similar situations.

 4. Say it loud and proud. And then say it again and again. Post it, share it, make it your screen saver.

 You know that creating new habits is hard, it requires a little time and energy on your part. But as we’ve learned here >>> you are so worthy of that time and energy!

 In the beginning, it may feel awkward or silly to go around shouting that you are deserving of [fill in the blank]

 Remind yourself often of all the good reasons why the new belief is more believable.

 And don’t forget the power of community!! Surround yourself with people who embody the new belief. Read content that reinforces the new belief. Radiate this new belief!! Put it out in the universe and allow the universe to bless you!

 The mind is a muscle and with any muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets - so keep flexing that positive mindset muscle!!

 Unless we change our beliefs, it is unlikely that our situations will change.

 You got this!! I believe in you ~> it’s time YOU believe in!


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