Perimenopause and the Active Midlife Woman Workshop Series 


Nutrition 101 and Nutrition Myths & Facts

TUESDAY, MARCH 14 and 21 - Delivered Directly to Your Inbox


In this Masterclass You’ll Learn Simple Concepts Related to the Importance of Health and Wellness Through Proper Nutrition, including:

Session Number 1 Nutrition 101 explains basic nutrition concepts
Upon completing this training session you will . . .

  • Be able to identify the nutrients essential for a healthy, active life
  • Understand the role macronutrients and micronutrients play in achieving optimal health
  •  Be able to identify a variety of food sources for quality nutrients

Session Number 2 Nutrition Myths & Facts debunks common nutrition myths
Upon completing this training session you will . . .

  • Be able to identify common nutrition myths and explain why they are myths
  • Be able to identify red flags in distinguishing between nutrition myths and facts
  • Be able to identify a variety of food sources for nutrients important to optimal midlife health



Registered participants will receive the following workshop BONUS materials:

  • Nutrition 101 and Myths & Facts eBook
  • Complete Guide to Dining Out
  • Frozen to Fabulous Meal Prep Guide
  • Comprehensive Guide to Whole Grains 
  • Handy-Dandy Nutrition Resources Guide 
  • One Pot Meals Recipe Pack
  • Flavor Enhancer Recipe Pack
  • 30 Day FREE membership to Living Plate RX customizable meal plans designed specifically for women in midlife

As a busy woman currently navigating the demands of life, you know the value of proper nutrition, not only for to fuel your workouts but to help keep you feeling energized and as a natural way to help balance your changing hormones.

Whether you're just starting to feel the affects of midlife and perimenopause, or you a knee deep in the trenches - proper nutrition can be one of the best resources to help you THRIVE in this new season. 

Join me for these two quick but informative 30 minute workshops giving you the tools to feel confident and empowered in the kitchen! 

I can't wait to see your name on the registration list!!