Here’s the question I get asked a lot from my clients when we discuss goal setting - how can I do it all?  How do I find balance?  

Well let’s be honest here, not one of us is superwoman when it comes to all the things.  You know that you can’t give 100% to work, 100% to your family/relationships, and 100% to your health.  As much as you’d like to, it’s just impossible. 

So Is finding life balance just a bullshit thing businesses try to sell?  An unrealistic fantasy?  

Yes and no - Actually, you can find balance but I warn you - it’s not how you think!!  

Join me for my Creating Balance in 2023 LIVE one hour workshop on Tuesday, December 29 at 10 am CST

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Here's a little secret . . . 

It's not about doing more ~ It's about doing what really matters! 

Ditch the feelings of stress, guilt, and overwhelm as you learn to say no to what no longer serves you, has you feeling overcommitted, and out of balance.

I promise you can create balance. 

In this LIVE workshop you'll redefine what balance is in this new season and create a clear path to actually achieve it. You'll learn how to:


what balance looks like in your current season


confidence in the choices that are right for YOU


how to be present for your life and actually enjoy it!


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